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Choosing the right pet for you is fun, but takes time, planning, and lots of research. Precious Puppies Canada maintains ongoing support and relationships with past clients local and provincial. From time to time our clients send us beautiful testimonials and we decided to share those with you here. If you have a testimonial please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We were looking for a family pet for some time and were doing our research online. It took about two months but we finally decided on a Yorkshire Terrier. Our reasons for wanting a Yorkie were numerous but to keep it simple and short for the purpose of this testimonial, we choose the Yorkie because of their protective and sweet nature. We were refereed to Precious Puppies and when we went for our first visit we knew we had found the right person to buy our first family pet from. To say the puppies were handled properly is an understatement, healthy and happy was more than obvious. We are now the proud owners of our new puppy named Cindy. We've never been happier. Thanks Precious Puppies.
The Wong Family
Yorkshire Terrier Puppy


Our family had been doing research for some time, many breeders promised so many things that we knew just weren't possible and that worried us. The last thing we wanted was to fall in love with a puppy and than have it become ill or even worse. When we made our first appointment with Precious Puppies we knew instantly that the staff there treated the puppies like children and cared for them in a very loving way. They were all well fed and had plenty of clean water available to them. Also they were all very clean. We chose our Morkie based on the fact that he was the sweetest in the litter. We have never been happier and would recommend precious puppies to anyone.
The Simson Family
Morkie Puppy


I had been looking for a small breed for sometime now. I was refereed to Precious Puppies by a friend who had purchased the sweetest and the cutest Yorkshire Terrier puppy I had ever laid eyes on. Precious Puppies had the largest selection of adorable animals I have ever seen I didn't want to go home. If I could adopt all of them I would have. My new puppy is called George and he is the cutest and newest addition in my life. I would definitely recommend Precious Puppies Canada to anyone thinking of buying a Yorkshire Terrier.
Jennifer Segal
Yorkshire Terrier Puppy


I had been looking for a great breeder for sometime now. I was so scared that I would end up with a sick puppy and I am just too light hearted not to take care of a sick dog. When I was referred to Precious Puppies Canada I was so happy that I had found my saviors. I picked up the cutest and healthiest little dog named Mini. I have never been happier to have anew pet join my family. Precious Puppies Provided me with all the guarantee's I would need to feel safe. Thanks again.
Crystal Simmons
Yorkshire Terrier Puppies


My wife told me the kids really wanted to find a Morkie and we had gone to so many different pet stores and breeders across Ontario. We were finally directed to Precious Puppies Canada and were very pleased with the quality and health of all their litters. The puppies were treated like family members and the staff didn't want to let them go. It was a very good sign that there was love from the beginning. We are so happy with our little new addition that we would recommend Precious Puppies Canada to anyone looking to buy a Yorkshire Terrier or Morkie puppy.
The Cohen Family
Morkie Puupy



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We can not be held liable and/or accountable for any veterinarian expenses that you may incur should you take your puppy to a veterinarian for any reason whatsoever without first contacting us. All of our puppies are in excellent health both mentally and physically and we strive to provide a loving, caring and healthy environment for all our puppies. We attempt to estimate the weight of each puppy as accurately as possible based of many factors, they are meerly estimates.

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